Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It’s time to celebrate Canadian dairy farmers, cows, milk, and cheese

By: Courtney Connors

Canadian milk is produced according to standards that are among the highest in the world for safety and quality. We, the Canadian dairy farmers, take pride in offering you, the consumer, the highest quality goods. Therefore, we take on-farm safety measures to ensure the purity of the milk products that we produce. 
The well-being and health of dairy cows is very important to us because comfortable, healthy cows produce high quality milk. We treat our cows like royalty; providing them with warm, dry and comfortable bedding, nutritious feed, clean water and regular exercise. Our animals get regular check-ups/visits from the veterinarian and dietician to ensure they are happy and healthy. Whenever a dairy cow acquires an illness that requires treatment with antibiotics, she is marked and her milk is discarded until there is no trace of antibiotics in her milk. We work with local processors to ensure that the milk produced by our dairy cows remains at its very best throughout every step of the production process; that is from the farm to your table. Milk is an important product in this province making up 20% of the province’s agricultural production.

It’s time to take a closer look at the dairy industry, so try a new calcium enriched recipe and, most of all, thank a dairy farmer for the high quality products that they supply consumers with! For additional information, visit Dairy Farmers of Ontario or Dairy Farmers of Canada.

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